Aadam Malak

Emergency Room Visit
Physician:  Dr. Juha Jaakkola, MD

It was the week before Miracle Treat Day, Dairy Queen’s busiest and most well-known fundraiser, and Tattnall County DQ owner Zuber Malek was on a conference call with leaders at the national level to plan for the event. Zuber noticed his wife calling his cell phone, but assumed she just wanted him to pick something up on his way home. She did not leave a voicemail, but instead immediately dialed again; he knew something was wrong when he looked down and read the two word text: “Come Home.”

His heart was pounding as he hung up from his conference call without even a quick goodbye. Zuber rushed home to find his 3-year-old son, Aadam in a great deal of pain, unable to move his right arm.

“We’re going to Optim,” he said.

A visit to the Emergency Room of Optim Medical Center-Tattnall proved that Aadam’s arm was broken, and he would need surgery to correct it.

“The receptionist did not waste any time,” Zuber said. “They checked our documents, welcomed us, and took him straight back for an X-ray.”

Aadam had two pins inserted in his arm during his surgery, performed by Juha Jaakkola, MD. He spent one night in the hospital and has had several follow-up visits, but has now fully recovered from the procedure.

“Dr. Jaakkola and all the nurses and staff were all so helpful to my family,” said Zuber. “When we are dealing with Optim, it is always a pleasant experience.”