Ashlee Griffith

Knee Surgery
Physician:  John P. George, MD

I tore my meniscus while participating in cheerleading and gymnastics. The tear realigned itself in my knee, so it was not visible in the MRI. After a few months of physical therapy and no progress with my knee, Dr. John P. George decided to perform arthroscopic surgery on my knee to see what exactly was going on. A surgery scheduled for thirty minutes turned into a three-hour surgery, as Dr. George discovered my meniscus was actually three-fourths of the way torn! Because I was only fourteen years old, Dr. George and my parents decided to repair my meniscus and see what parts would allow themselves to reattach rather than remove the entire meniscus. Although this resulted in a much longer recovery period and a lot more physical therapy, Dr. George was able to save over two-thirds of my torn meniscus! Thanks to Dr. George’s incredible care, I am much less likely to experience long-term problems with my knee.

The level of care I received from Dr. George was well above what you would expect in a doctor-patient relationship. With each visit with Dr. George, he always took the time to thoroughly explain my injury and my progress. After surgery, he showed me numerous pictures and diagrams and explained exactly what he saw and how he repaired my knee. He even took the time to pull up MRI results on his computer and talk through each and every part of my knee. He always made me feel right at home in his office, so much so that I felt like he was family to me. It was extremely obvious that he truly cared about my recovery and my future. He was very focused on the long-term results of his care.

I would absolutely recommend Optim Healthcare to anyone with an injury. Dr. George’s amazing care is a true testament to the quality of Optim Healthcare. In fact, everyone I encountered at Optim blessed me in a different way. The receptionists always greeted me with a smile. The MRI and x-ray technicians always made me feel more than comfortable. The nurses were always so caring and aware of the emotional toll an injury has on a patient. The technicians who fitted me for my braces took their time to ensure everything fit correctly, felt right, and would be one hundred percent successful. Every employee at Optim showed me that they go above and beyond what is expected of them. One memory I will always cherish is of my favorite nurse actually making a home visit to ensure I was recovering well from my surgery. Optim Healthcare and Dr. George are the reason I was able to continue my cheerleading and gymnastics career. Any patient would be lucky to experience care at Optim Healthcare.