Beth Buttimer

Plantar Fasciitis
Physician:  Juha Jaakkola, MD


I suffered with heel pain in my left foot for many years thinking the way I walked was the cause of the pain. After mentioning my heel pain to my primary doctor, I was referred to Optim Orthopedics. Since Dr. Jaakkola specializes in the foot and ankle, I made my appointment with him. He diagnosed me with Plantar Fasciitis. After many months of trying to heal the pain, through cortisone shots, exercises, a boot and a night brace, Dr. Jaakkola finally completed the Plantar Fasciitis release on July 8, 2004. Oh, such joy to be pain free! Two years later, believe it or not, the pain began to occur in my right foot. Again, after trying again to correct it without surgery, I had my 2nd release completed on September 12, 2007, Although the recovery was worse the second time because I was unable to drive, I had a full and complete recovery after both releases.

In June of 2011, I began to experience a different pain on the ball of my foot right under my second toe. Knowing my foot history, I did not waste a day and went right back to visit Dr. Jaakkola. He diagnosed me with Morton’s Neuroma. On a follow up visit, Dr. Jaakkola noticed that my second and third toes were separating slightly. Over the next four months, the separation worsened and my second toe started becoming a hammer and looked totally disfigured. Dr. Jaakkola wasn’t 100% sure he would be able to flatten it all the way, but we decided that surgery was my best option. On, January 13, 2012, I visited the surgery center at Optim and had my toe corrected by shortening the bones, inserting pins and removing the Neuroma. Even though the recovery was difficult and painful, a year later, I can wear ANY shoe I wish without pain. I can walk and exercise as well as get up on my toes with no pain at all. The scars are minimal and I’m thankful to Dr. Jaakkola for straightening and flattening my toes to look normal again.

Dr. Jaakkola is extremely thorough and compassionate and was knowledgeable and patient when answering my questions. He understood my pain and worked hard to alleviate my issues before attempting surgery. He was eager to show me my x-rays and how the changes occurred in my foot between the x-rays.

I believe seeing a specialist is the only way to correct a problem. I would much rather see a doctor who has a great amount of experience correcting particular problems in specialized areas. As they say, practice makes perfect and the specialists get plenty of practice at Optim.

I would definitely recommend Optim Orthopedics to family and friends. The office is clean, organized and the staff is friendly It’s extremely helpful and convenient to see your doctor, get necessary x-rays, complete your MRI, have surgery and Physical Therapy, if needed, all in one building. I like the use of pagers compared to a nurse calling my name out loud and Check In and Out is efficient. Overall, I believe Optim employs the best Orthopedics in Savannah.