Capt. Thomas Stewart

Capt. Thomas Stewart, Hip Scope Procedures

Physician:  David Sedory, MD


Emergency Room Trauma Nurse Captain Thomas Stewart and his family moved to Savannah in March of 2016 from Michigan. Captain Stewart accepted a Broadening Opportunity to serve as the Brigade Nurse Counselor for ROTC at Hunter AAF. Upon arriving in Savannah, Capt. Stewart’s years of military service started to wear on his body. By the end of 2016, the chronic pain needed to be addressed.

David Sedory, MD, was serving as the Chief of Surgery at Winn Army Community Hospital at Fort Stewart at the time and advised Capt. Stewart to undergo surgery on his right hip. Dr. Sedory completed a Hip Scope procedure on Capt. Stewart in November of 2016. During the procedure, Capt. Stewart’s labral tear was repaired and excess bone was shaved down to reshape the hip.

With the surgery on his right hip having gone so well, Capt. Stewart elected to have the same procedure on his left hip in February 2018. Dr. Sedory had since retired from the military and began practicing at Optim Orthopedics. When it came time for his second surgery, Cpt. Stewart did not hesitate in following Dr. Sedory to Optim.

Capt. Stewart had an excellent experience at the surgery center and was impressed by the pain management procedures in place for his surgery.  He is now doing well and continues with his military career.

Capt. Stewart was recognized as a Home Run for Health Champion in July 2018 at Grayson Stadium. Before the Savannah Bananas game, he and his wife were joined on the field by Dr. Sedory and his team, Mickey McBroom, PA, and Melissa Cole-Sirard, MA.