Cathy Black

Gallbladder Surgery
Physician: John Odom, MD

On January 2012, I went to the emergency room with chest pains. This was my first severe attack. An ultrasound showed no gallstones so I was released to go home. In the months following, the attacks continued so eventually my internist sent me for a HIDA (hepatobiliary iminodiacetic acid) scan which showed the function of my gallbladder was very low. He wanted to refer me to a surgeon in Augusta but I requested a referral to Dr. Odom. I preferred to stay local and my brother had gallbladder surgery a couple of years ago by Dr. John Odom and his recommendation was all I needed.

The surgery was performed on July 10, 2012 at Optim Medical Center-Screven hospital. The care I received was excellent. Most were people I knew and trusted and I was not just a number like you sometimes feel in a larger hospital. Lagina Evans (Operating Room Supervisor for Optim Medical Centers-Screven and Jenkins) followed me all the way from admission to release with great care and concern. Dr. Odom could not have been more professional and caring and he greeted me in the operating room after the surgery to explain that the surgery had gone very well. My experience in recovery was excellent and consistent with my overall care and the following Wednesday, I returned to Dr. Odom’s office to have my stitches removed. I really want the people of Screven County to know that we have a wonderful facility right in Sylvania. The care is excellent, the people are very professional and there is no reason to go out of town for great care. Because it is small, I believe the care is more individual, personable and intimate. I can assure you it was much more convenient than driving 60 miles. I would certainly see Dr. Odom again if the need arises.