Charlotte Webb



I’ve been very fortunate to have been a patient of Dr. Sutker’s over the last 8 years for my trigger finger and he’s truly been a fantastic physician. The first couple of surgeries were done in Savannah before the hospital in Reidsville was owned by Optim and when I learned that Dr. Sutker performed my surgeries in Reidsville, it became very convenient for me, since we live in Hinesville, to have the surgeries done here. There have been no problems anywhere and everyone has been so helpful. Even the nursing staff has been extremely caring and attentive. When they call the next day to check on you after surgery, it really means a lot. I can remember when I had my last surgery in Savannah that they were working on this hospital here in Reidsville and I commented that it would be closer to us but we weren’t sure that we would use the renovated medical center because the one in Savannah offered an unmatchable high level of care. I was told that they were the goal was to make the hospital better than the Savannah facility, and I thought to myself, it they do that, they are going to have to do a lot to make it better. I must say that have certainly succeeded. Both places are tremendous, and we are so lucky to have the hospital here in Reidsville so close to us.

I am a Georgia native, born and raised in Hinesville, and I can see how this hospital here in Reidsville has changed the community for the better. For many of the older citizens that cannot make it to Savannah easily, it makes a world of difference that they are able to get the healthcare they need. The comments that I have heard from anyone that’s ever been here, have always been positive. Over the last 40 years, this hospital was in great financial difficulty, changing hands a few times, and it really has helped turn the community around since Optim took it over 5 years ago.

Because of my positive experiences initially, with Dr. Sutker, when I have had problems with my knee and foot, I trusted that the other specialists at Optim would not disappoint. I currently see Dr. Woo for issues with my knee and have seen Dr. Jaakkola for my foot. Every experience we have had have with Optim and their physicians has been outstanding. This is the place to go and the place to be if you need specialized orthopedic care