David Balsey


A New Home, A New Hip

David Balsley shares his story on hip replacement surgery with Optim orthopedic surgeon Dr. Woo

Meet David Balsley. David recently moved from Pittsburgh to Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island. He’s a former volunteer firefighter who decided to retire away from the cold winters up north and brought his wife down south with him. David had begun having some hip pain and soon after moving to Hilton Head, found out he needed a hip replacement. His physician back in Pennsylvania couldn’t perform the surgery for six months, so he decided to consult Google to find a physician closer to his new home that he could trust with his surgery.

David was led to Kent Woo, MD, one of Optim’s Total Joint surgeons who specializes in hip replacements and was able to schedule his anterior total hip surgery for three weeks later. His first impression of Dr. Woo was that he was a very warm person that made him feel comfortable because of his willingness to take as much time as needed to talk things through with his patients. David says the entire Optim staff and experience was great, especially considering he was new to town and felt so welcome. “They are just nice people,” he said. “It’s like I’ve known them all my life.”

The surgery took place in November and everything went smoothly, including the quick recovery process. David was able to walk using a walker the same day of his surgery, and climb the 22 stairs to his second-story condo the next day.  He said he felt little pain in his hip besides the incision and took little pain medication, noting that he was in more pain just before the surgery than right after.

Today, about six weeks later, he is able to walk around the Savannah mall with his wife and get around easily He is continuing to heal quickly and has made a goal of walking the half mile to the harbor by his house in the next few weeks.

We thank David for sharing his story and wish him a quick rest of his recovery and many happy walks to the water.