Frank Hook


In the Fall of 2011, I started having severe back pain. I decided to ask three different doctors who were friends of mine as to who they would recommend. Each of the doctors gave me the same response: Dr. Thomas Lawhorne. I was able to get into see Dr. Lawhorne the next week and during my appointment he told me typically, there are about three steps to go through to try and alleviate the pain before surgery, but that he would be able to accurately find the best solution after my MRI. I had my open MRI, at which point, he told me that I had Stenosis of the spine and that the bone was sitting right on the nerve. He advised me that we had to bypass the three steps and go straight to surgery. I had my surgery in December 8, 2011 and have been pain free ever since. Just hours after my surgery, Dr. Thomas Lawhorne came to see how I was feeling. I was so impressed by his bedside manner and compassion that he had for me throughout the process.

I was a high school basketball official for over 30 years, and my knees particularly had taken a bit of a beating during that time. After a follow-up appointment with Dr. Thomas Lawhorne, a month after my back surgery, in Statesboro, he mentioned that he was very happy with the result of the surgery but observed that one of my knees was in really bad shape. I had indicated to him that I was using Dr. Don G. Aaron (Sports Medicine). Dr. Thomas Lawhorne immediately consulted Dr. Aaron, who came in and checked on my knee. It was decided at that very moment that I would have a total knee replacement on March 8, 2012 which was exactly 12 weeks after my back surgery. Dr. Aaron and Dr. John Hodges did my total knee replacement and again, I was so impressed by the way I was treated by both doctors. I barely have a scar on my knee and have no pain in my knees at all.

Today, I walk three miles everyday, have minimal scarring and no pain. My experience with Optim from start to finish has been outstanding. Whenever I can recommend the surgeons at Optim to others, I do, because I know that the patients will be in extremely good hands.