Grant Etheridge

Grant Etheridge
Avulsion Fracture of the 5th Metatarsal
Physician:  Mark Kamaleson, MD

It was a Monday night. I was warming up for a weightlifting session by jumping rope. Unfortunately I was set up on a weightlifting platform and not paying attention to what I was doing. The end result was that I strayed off the platform and came down halfway on and halfway off. My ankle rolled and there was a nice crisp pop. Ouch. Something wasn’t right. I tried to walk it off but it didn’t help. It was swelling and the pain was getting worse. I drove home and showed the damage to my wife. We decided that I needed to get in to see a doctor as soon as possible. I feared the worst. My wife and I had planned a big vacation to India in six weeks and who knows what I had done to myself or to our plans.

The next morning we drove to Optim Orthopedics and checked in. Within a half hour I was in a patient room and being briefed by Dr. Kamaleson. I had x-rays taken and then awaited the diagnosis. It came back that it was a break, or rather an avulsion fracture of the 5th metatarsal. This was bad news but not the worst thing in the world. I needed to take it easy and wear an air cast for 6 weeks. I didn’t have to miss work and I could still get myself around. I received my air cast and was on my way. The whole ordeal took about two hours.

Five weeks later I went in for a follow up appointment and everything had healed perfectly. I could start to walk around on my own without the air cast. A week later I was walking unassisted and we were on our way to India.

The care and precision that I experienced at Optim was impeccable. Dr. Kamaleson took immediate action for my fractured foot. The staff at Optim provided efficient and excellent care to which I cannot thank them enough.