Hank Barry


Meet Hank Barry. Hank loves hiking, camping and fishing, but it has been four years since the last time he took the boat out. He found himself scheduling vacations where he would not have to walk or stand for long periods of time. He moved from working in the field as an RN to a desk job because he was worried that if he needed to kneel to administer CPR his knees would not allow him to do so.

Hank played football and wrestled in high school and underwent two knee surgeries before college. He always knew the day would come when he would finally undergo a total knee replacement, but Hank, like most, found reasons to put it off…..until he met Dr. Kent Woo of Optim Orthopedics.

“I went to five different doctors and he was the only physician, without hesitation, that agreed to do both knees at once.” Barry said.

On October 26, 2016 Hank underwent a double bilateral total knee arthroplasty at the physician-owned Optim Medical Center Tattnall. Hank said he and his wife were more than willing to make the two hour drive from Bluffton, Sc. to Reidsville, Ga. after learning about the miniscule complication rates at this destination orthopedic surgery center.

“Everybody tries to do what the brochure says, but you usually just don’t get it,” Barry said. “For the first time in my life, everything was spot on.”

Hank said he was told exactly what to expect by his physician, the total joint coordinator, and financial counselor beforehand. He was told pre-op work would take an hour and half, and he was out in one hour and twenty minutes (though he had cleared his calendar for the day expecting it be an all-day event as he had experienced elsewhere in his other 17 surgeries). When he arrived for surgery, he was taken back within five minutes, and his wife was constantly updated on his progress until they were reunited.

“Everything went exactly how they said it would go,” Barry said. “Everybody knew their places. You just don’t get 100% elsewhere.”

Hank was driving three weeks after surgery and was back to work at week five. He says now the only thing slowing him down is his physical therapist.

“It’s kind of like getting your life back,” Barry said. “I get to play with my grandkid. I can fish again.”