Janis Truelove


Janis, like millions of Americans across the country had a total knee replacement last year. But, what’s unique about her story is that she was the first patient to have an outpatient Total Joint Replacement performed at the Optim Surgery Center in Savannah, by John P. George, MD. She saw the benefits of having it done as an outpatient surgery and was excited to get her life back.

Janis Truelove, a Savannah native, has always enjoyed spending time with her husband and grandchildren. However, for years, she had pain and arthritis in both of her knees that held her back on doing things with her family and also being 100% independent. When her left knee became too painful to walk on she decided to make an appointment to see John P. George, MD. Janis, like many people had been dealing with the pain on her own, but she was at her limit.

After her evaluation and having some tests done, Dr. George told Janis that he had no idea how she was walking on that knee as the images showed that her knee was basically bone on bone. “I had never dreamed of having a total joint surgery. Now, I can’t imagine what life would be like if I hadn’t had the surgery,” says Janis. Dr. George asked her if she would be open to discussing the possibility of having her total knee replacement done at the Optim Surgery Center in Savannah in an outpatient setting.

Surgery and procedures in general, [particularly orthopedic surgeries] are being done at the Optim Surgery Center due to a few simple facts. Advanced surgical procedures, a shift to perform minimally invasive procedures, and advances in anesthesia all support the goal of faster recoveries for patients. Janis’ particular procedure was done with a relatively new concept, of custom cutting blocks, which allows a smaller incision, shorter operating time and hopefully faster recovery.

In the Optim Surgery Center setting the patient can benefit tremendously from the one-on-one nursing and physical therapy both at their bedside and in the clinic. Generally speaking, patients would prefer to be in an outpatient setting than in a hospital.

Now, almost 2 months post-operation, Janis feels amazing, is continuing her exercises and is back to being the independent person she was before her knee problems started. “I will honestly say it was not easy to rehab after my surgery and there were some rough moments, but I would recommend this surgery without any hesitation to anyone that is in pain. I have my life back and now I am anxious to have my other knee done!”

Optim has a team of Total Joint Replacement and Sports Medicine physicians that perform minimally invasive procedures like Janis’. For more information on our Total Joint Replacement and Sports Medicine physicians, call 800.827.6536.