Jim Holmes


About 10 years ago, my left shoulder started giving me a lot of pain directly in my joint. I have been a photographer for the last 20 years, and I knew that the over usage of carrying heavy photo equipment had finally caught up with me. Eventually the pain got so bad, that I couldn’t lift my arm higher than a 45 degree angle, and I couldn’t lift anything. I feared that the pain in my shoulder would ultimately stop me from doing what I loved most.

I started asking around about which doctor to go see and Dr. James Wilson’s name kept on coming up. I had only heard great things about him and the fact that he had been the team doctor for the Denver Broncos had me really impressed and interested.

After seeing Dr. Wilson, he decided to do a Shoulder Arthroscopy since there was a lot of damage in my shoulder. I was very pleased because this meant that I was going to have minimal incisions and scarring. Throughout the entire process from start to finish, Dr. Wilson’s bedside manner was excellent. He was always a stand-up guy, and explained the procedure to me in full detail.

Three to four days after my surgery, Dr. Wilson urged me to start doing therapy. I was actually quite surprised that he wanted me to start so soon after, but I trusted him and began as directed. To be honest, my recovery was pretty rough and a bit slow, but in the long run, I realize how important it was to start therapy almost immediately, and as hard as it was, I wouldn’t change it. I regained full range in my arm about 6 months after, and up until a year after, I had to be careful about carrying heavy weights with that arm.

Even now, if I have an issue with any of my joints, my first go-to is Dr. Wilson because my experience was so positive with him. My life changed for the better after my surgery and I give 100% credit to Dr. Wilson. Ten years later, I am still shooting photography and enjoying every minute of it!