June Jones


I live in Hawaii most of the year, and the island I live on does not have great medical care. My husband and I are originally from Adrian, GA. Dr.  Lawhorne was recommended to us through our primary care physician in Swainsboro, GA before we left for Hawaii.

I had severe back pain for several years, but then I was in a vehicle accident and fractured my L2. After X-rays and an MRI, Dr. Thomas Lawhorne decided the best treatment was a fusion of L2, L3 and L4. This was done at Optim Medical Center-Tattnall in Reidsville, GA. The relief was immediate. After my return to Hawaii, I fell and compromised one of the cages Dr. Lawhorne put in. After a CT scan, Dr. Lawhorne advised me to have it repaired. It was pressing on a nerve and causing me severe pain. There was never a doubt in my mind to return to Georgia so that Dr. Lawhorne could perform this surgery. He is the best doctor I have ever seen, not to mention the staff and facility at Optim are the BEST! I was up and about in 2 weeks without any restrictions.

I highly recommend anyone needing orthopedic surgery to see the doctors at Optim. You will not find a better facility with a friendlier, qualified staff. I told my friends that it was like staying at a 5-star hotel with 3 great meals a day with evening snacks and ‘round the clock service’!

Dr. Lawhorne is the most compassionate and caring doctor I’ve ever had, and it shows through his staff too! We need more doctors like him.