Keith Housman


Meet Keith Housman, MD. Boston native, Dr. Housman is an Anesthesiologist at Memorial in Savannah, GA. He’s always been an athlete at heart—loved running and skiing. About 15 years ago, Dr. Housman starting experiencing some pain in his knees when he ran. He knew he had progressive degeneration in both knees, but as most athletes would do, he continued to be active through the pain.

He met Dr. Woo several years ago and became a patient of his 12 years ago. Dr. Housman had a few procedures (Arthroscopy and Meniscectomy) with Dr. Woo early on to address the degeneration in his knees. After some time, Dr. Woo had suggested that he get a partial knee replacement (Unicompartmental knee replacement) to relieve his pain, but he held off and wanted to try and manage it on his own a bit longer. Dr. Housman finally got to the point where his pain was unbearable and walking at work was becoming difficult. When he went for an appointment in September of 2014 with Dr. Woo, Dr. Housman learned that he was now past the point of the partial knee replacement option. Dr. Woo suggested that he have a bilateral knee replacement. He was relieved in a way that he had done everything he could do on his own and now it was time to get the replacements done.

“He was great because he never told me that you ‘have’ to get this surgery done,” said Dr. Housman. He felt that Dr. Woo was patient and compassionate in laying out all of his options for years, but now that the alternative solutions were not an option anymore, he knew that he was ready to go through with the surgery.

“If you run and it hurts, don’t run. I know that sometimes it’s easy to ignore your body, but in the end it can cause more damage. I was fortunate to have met Dr. Woo several years ago and build a doctor/patient relationship where he knew what my activity level was. He was always willing to try options other than the surgery early on, and when it came time to do the bilateral replacements, I could not have chosen a better person to do it.”