Maureen Ray

I have come to know Optim Healthcare very well over the last two decades; 2 back surgeries from being on my feet constantly, 1 elbow surgery from a fall and 2 cochlear implant surgeries from losing my hearing over 30 years ago.

My lack of hearing finally forced me to retire in 2009 and three years later, I decided to talk to someone to see if they could help in anyway. I met with Dr. Goldsmith and he decided my best option was to get two cochlear implants. I only had 45% hearing in one of my ears and the other one was 0%. I can’t even put into words what Dr. Goldsmith has done for me with the cochlear implants. I forgot what it was like to hear birds chirp, I had never heard my daughter’s cry and now years later, I can talk to my grand kids on the phone. I still have a little ways to go but the fact that I have these new implants, has changed my life.

I fell and broke my elbow in 2011, and I let it heal by itself, but after about a year, I still had major pain and was only able to rid my pain with taking pain medication. I knew I needed to go see a doctor. Knowing and trusting Optim, I saw Dr. Benjamin Sukter and he advised me that I needed surgery in order to fix the problems in my elbow that was causing me the pain. My recovery only took a few months, did a lot of physical therapy and have been so grateful to have regained my full range of motion in my elbow.

Since I have had a few surgeries I had come to the point where I was taking pain medication regularly and I didn’t like the idea of that. I was referred to Dr. Joseph C. Hegarty and his PA Scott Schnaible who have helped me manage my pain immensely. I get three shots a year that are meant to ease my pain without having to take pain meds everyday. I’m so thrilled that I do not have to take pain medication on a daily basis anymore because I feel less dependent on medication.