Nancy Evans


Two New Knees and a Pain-Free New Year

Nancy Evans is happy to be ringing in the New Year pain-free. One year ago, she was suffering from extreme pain in her left knee, which kept her from enjoying everything from her favorite pastimes, like golfing, to everyday activities like being able to walk up and down the stairs at her home.

This year, Nancy is back to the golf course and able to enjoy life as a retiree on Skidaway Island. Nancy moved to the area with her husband from Cincinnati, Ohio, where she worked as a nurse.

Nancy’s first encounter with Optim Orthopedics was about eight years ago when she contacted Kent Woo, MD. At the time, she was having some pain in her right knee and underwent a joint replacement with Dr. Woo, who informed her that she would likely also suffer problems with her left knee in the future and may need another replacement.

Eight years later, when suffering from intense pain in her right knee, Nancy found Dr. Woo’s prediction to be true. She knew it was time for her second knee replacement and didn’t hesitate to contact Dr. Woo for the procedure since everything went so well the last time.

Her second knee replacement went just as well and she was able to recover more quickly with on-site physical therapy beginning the day after surgery. Only one week after her surgery, she immediately felt improvement and noticed the difference in the recovery process from not waiting to start physical therapy.

Nancy thanks the entire Optim staff for helping make what can be a very stressful procedure easier by always showing her kindness and ensuring she never had to wait more than five minutes for an appointment.

“From Dr. Woo to Nick Bacich, PA-C  to Deborah Dawson, MA to everyone in the physical therapy department, everyone has been wonderful.”

We wish Nancy all the best!