Optim Orthopedics Sports Medicine Center of Excellence

Optim Orthopedics highly trained sports medicine specialists have dedicated their practices to understanding sports medicine and the unique injuries of athletes – whether operative of non-operative. They are specially trained in caring for the hip, knee and shoulder.

It is a common misconception that sports medicine doctors treat athletes or sports injuries exclusively, but that is not the case. This team of experts is able to care for soft tissue, ligament and/or bone injuries in the hip, knee and shoulder areas. So, whether you are an athlete with an injury or an older individual who suffers a fall and injures a shoulder, we can help.

Ask for the experts at the Optim Orthopedics Sports Medicine Center of Excellence whether you’re a professional or school athlete, a weekend warrior, or not.

If you have a hip, knee or shoulder injury, call today!

Same and next day appointments available.