Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Surgeon or Podiatrist?

A Letter from Our Orthopedic Surgeons

During our residency, we learned how to diagnose and treat, both conservatively and operatively, conditions not only of the foot and ankle but also the hand, upper extremity, shoulder, elbow, spine, sports medicine and arthroscopy, joint replacement, oncologic conditions, and trauma. By the time we completed residency we logged 2,000, or more, surgical procedures.

After five (5) years of residency we completed an additional year of training in Orthopedic Foot and Ankle surgery where all the skills we learned during our residency were honed specifically on the Foot and Ankle. This additional training gave us a unique approach to treating foot and ankle conditions that separates us from a podiatrist.

Each rotation completed during our residency provided us with unique skills to help us take care of even the most complex foot and ankle cases, and more importantly, to delineate problems that affect the foot and ankle that may actually be coming from elsewhere in the body. For example, many spine problems such as a pinched spinal nerve have manifestations in the foot. If misdiagnosed, can lead to unnecessary tests and procedures.

After years of hands on, specialized training, we have honed a thorough understanding of the anatomy, pathology, and surgical management of the entire musculoskeletal system. This knowledge enables us to take the most comprehensive care of you, our patient.

An excellent example of this is after a total knee replacement, when the delicate balance of lower extremity alignment is changed, often times a previously nonsymptomatic foot becomes painful and requires treatment. This is something that can be addressed potentially before a knee replacement. The foot and ankle is a complex anatomical area and requires skills from all facets of orthopedics to be treated optimally.

Ultimately it is your choice who you seek for your orthopedic and foot and ankle needs. However, without a doubt, we know we are the most educated and qualified to provide your foot and ankle care and would be privileged for you to entrust us with you or your families care.


The Foot and Ankle Team at the Foot and Ankle Center of Excellence
Optim Orthopedics

Juha Jaakkola, MD
Juha Jaakkola, MD
Christopher Nicholson, MD
Christopher Nicholson, MD
Jeffrey Goldberg, MD