Chris McKendree

Due to spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease, doctors told Chris McKendree that he’d live the rest of his life in pain. Dr. Kalman, DO of Optim disagreed. By taking the time to understand Chris’ symptoms, Dr. Kalman provided periodic specialized injections to help him manage his condition.

A former college football player and resident of Amelia Island, Florida, Chris tried everything from creams to prescriptions to reduce his pain and remain active. However, his painful condition continued to limit him from enjoying a full life, including leading the solar power company that he owns and travels for frequently.

For Chris, what separated Optim from other providers was their level of care. “The Optim staff have been really great,” said Chris. “ From the physicians to the staff, they really care about you and you never feel like just a number.” Other doctors had recommended surgery but Dr. Kalman sat down with Chris to fully understand his condition and then recommended injections to treat the pain.

Within two minutes after his first injection, Chris said he had no more pain and credits this to Dr. Kalman’s skill. He continues to receive periodic injections to help him manage his pain and does what he can to try to limit the effects of the disease, including maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

Dr. Kalman’s treatments have made Chris’ pain manageable. He’s now been able to return to work and manage his business, as well as enjoy one of his favorite activities, golfing.

Chris says Dr. Kalman is one of the best doctors he has encountered and is grateful he took an individual approach to treating him, rather than just the standard process. “Dr. Kalman takes it personally,” said Chris. “He’s standing up to the pain and saying the pain cannot do this to you anymore.”