Daniel Corrieri


I have been suffering from degenerative osteoarthritis in my knees for several years. The left one had become so bad that I could not walk 100 feet without it swelling. The pain would often keep me up at night and my quality of life was severely affected. In March 2013, I saw Dr. Woo who reviewed my records and recommended a partial interior knee replacement. He explained the procedure and was compassionate to my concerns.

I had the surgery on April 22, 2013 at the Optim Surgery Center in Savannah. I was back home by noon that day. I found the level of care by the entire staff in the surgery center to be better than I have had in the big hospitals. Everyone explained what they were doing and all were friendly and attentive. I am walking almost pain free in only two weeks post surgery. I have used Optim since 2002 and have been treated by several physicians there. I highly recommend both Optim and their staff. I have had nothing but good experiences with the doctors and the surgeries I have had (cervical fusion, right ankle repair, elbow and left knee). Once this leg is completely healed I plan on having Dr. Woo repair the right one. After this experience, I am anxious to be able to walk without knee pain.