Gina Williams

We are so fortunate in Tattnall County to have Optim Medical Center – Tattnall. A few short years ago, our local hospital was on the verge of closing its doors, and we were concerned about the loss of healthcare services in our community. Besides the healthcare worries, we knew the economic impact of losing the hospital would be detrimental. Just when we thought all was lost, Optim Healthcare came through and bought our hospital. The changes have been astronomical.

The people of Tattnall County and the surrounding counties now have first rate healthcare right here in Reidsville, GA. We have the benefit of highly qualified and specialized doctors without having to drive 80 miles. Not only are the doctors well-trained and the medical center well-equipped, but all members of the staff are caring people who strive to provide the best care possible.

Our school system has also benefited because of Optim Medical Center – Tattnall. The administration of the medical center came to the school system when they first acquired the hospital and proposed a partnership with us. We are fortunate that they supply us with an athletic trainer who is available to our students during practices and athletic events. They provide support by funding initiatives that helps us to better educate and support our students. The increased revenue because of the influx of people utilizing the medical center has also been a benefit to our local economy and to our system.

I am so happy when I drive by Optim every morning and see the beautiful remodeled facility and the number of people who are utilizing the services there. The healthcare and the partnership have truly made a difference in Tattnall County and in our school system. We are proud to be their partners as we educate and nurture tomorrow’s leaders.