Riley Derrick

Torn ACL
Physician:  James Wilson Jr., MD


A rising senior at Frederica Academy in St. Simons, Riley Derrick is passionate about playing basketball! On February 2nd, 2018, Riley made a fast break to the basket and attempted to jump stop. As she jump stopped, she heard her knee pop and immediately knew something was wrong. 

 After being evaluated by her athletic trainer, Riley went to see James Wilson, MD at Optim Orthopedics and was informed she had torn her ACL. Dr. Wilson talked through several options with the Derricks and they scheduled surgery at Optim Surgery Center. Exactly one month after her injury, Dr. Wilson repaired Riley’s ACL and Riley started her road to recovery.

Thanks to Dr. Wilson and his team at Optim Orthopedics, Riley will be able to play basketball again for her senior season!

On June 7th, 2018, Riley was joined by Dr. Wilson on the Savannah Bananas field and recognized as the Optim Orthopedics Home Run for Health Champion!