Patricia Risner

Patricia Risner, Total Hip Replacement
Physician:  David Sedory, MD



Former Army Nurse Corps member Patricia Risner currently serves as an Emergency Room nurse at Fort Stewart. After running a half marathon in November of 2016, Risner began experiencing hip pain that culminated with her being unable to walk. Desperate for a solution to her pain, Risner turned to David Sedory, MD at Optim Orthopedics. Dr. Sedory had previously performed surgeries on Risner’s knee and shoulder, and she knew she would be in good hands.

In August of 2017, Risner had a total hip replacement. After being out of work for only six weeks, Risner commented that she was back to “running circles around those younger kids” she works alongside.  “The sign of a good hip replacement is that you forget. I can’t even tell I had surgery.” she remarked. “It was phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal.” Risner’s pain has totally subsided and in May of 2018, she even climbed the Great Wall of China. 

On July 7th, just before a Savannah Bananas game, the military veteran was recognized on the field at Grayson Stadium as a Home Run for Health Champion. Risner and her family were joined by Dr. Sedory as well as Mickey McBroom, PA, and Melissa Cole-Sirard, MA.