Pete Blocker

We are blessed to have Optim Medical Center-Tattnall here in Reidsville with the number of doctors and all of their expertise from shoulders to hips, to feet to ankles. They do a great job from head to toe and they take great interest in their patients. Before Optim took over the ownership of the hospital my wife and I had to drive into Savannah to use the hospitals depending on the problem, but thankfully now, this has been a big plus for our county to be able to get almost everything taken care of right here. The staff in its entirety is great from Physical Therapy to their Nurses. It’s just a well thought out program.

From a community standpoint, having the hospital in our rural area has been very beneficial. There are a lot of people that have been given the chance to get health services that might not have been able to get the attention that they get in Reidsville just based on the difficulty in transportation and gas prices.

About 10 years ago, I slipped off the back of a truck, tweaked my back and initially saw Dr. George. He was able to fix me up, and get me on my way, but then a few years later, when my back was really bothering me, I went into see Dr. George and he introduced me to Dr. Bradley Heiges since his specialty was in Neck & Spine.

When I first met Dr. Heiges, he was about 15 minutes late and when he came in, he said to me, I’m sorry I’m late, €”I was just trying to explain to a woman next door that surgery would not do her any good. And I thought to myself, This is the guy that I want, because he is not going to cut me open unless he absolutely has to.’ I immediately felt comfortable and at ease, and I trusted him right off the bat. I had come to find out that I had a ruptured disc and a spur and since it had been bearing on me for some time, Dr. Heiges recommended surgery.

Trust means a lot in a doctor-patient relationship and he had mine right away. In today’s world, all of the equipment and tools are available to doctors to technically perform surgery, but there’s something to be said when your doctor eases your concerns and makes you feel comfortable as a patient before you have a medical procedure done. Dr. Heiges has the technical knowledge and has a great personality to match.