Raymond Eugene Moore

Raymond Eugene Moore, “Gene”, and his wife Louise were enjoying a quiet retirement in Lyons, Georgia, when a seemingly small mishap caused an injury to Gene’s spine. Last fall, a large limb fell from a pecan tree in their yard, and 80-year-old Gene didn’t think twice about what to do next. Louise jokes that he was quick to be the “hero”, grabbing the chainsaw and cutting the limb into pieces and removing them from the yard. Two days later, Gene noticed his back was sore, so he went to his primary care doctor, who referred him to Optim’s Dr. John McCormick.

Gene’s MRI revealed a fracture in the L4 vertebrae. His first option was an epidural injection, which helped relieve some of his pain, but he still felt a pulling sensation in his legs caused by pressure on his sciatic nerve. After several months with not much improvement, Gene opted for spinal kyphoplasty surgery, a procedure where doctors decompress the vertebrae of the spine and insert cement like material to stabilize the bone.

“I was hurting when I went in for surgery, and when I woke up I wasn’t,” said Gene. “The relief was instant.”

His wife Louise said that the staff at Optim Medical Center-Tattnall was amazing in keeping her informed on Gene’s progress throughout the whole experience.

“We couldn’t have asked for nicer people,” said Louise. “Nurses were in and out all day checking on him.”

When asked about their experience, Gene and Louise said the thing they valued the most was Dr. McCormick’s ability to explain things in way that they could understand.

“A lot of doctors talk over your head, but Dr. McCormick didn’t,” said Louise. “He was direct and to the point, and he made sure we understood everything.”