Workers’ Comp

We’ve designed our Workers’ Compensation department based on the principles of Combined Strength. Our objective with our work comp program is to meet the needs of our business community by establishing dedicated partnerships based on a common set of goals.

  • Prevention
  • Effective communication
  • Prompt evaluation and treatment
  • Superior outcomes

Many work-related injuries are preventable, so we take a proactive approach to understand the job requirements and working environments of your employees. Facility tours by our physicians help us gain a clear understanding of their job requirements and preventive training by our physical therapy staff helps in Prevention as well as improving morale.

Effective Communication
Effective Communication is maintained by providing a single point of contact for all parties (Employees, Employers, Adjusters, Nurse Case Managers, Attorneys and Physicians). It is a streamlined process that eliminates many of the problems associated with Work Comp cases and keeps everyone informed on a timely basis.

Prompt Evaluation and Treatment
Prompt Evaluation and Treatment by the correct specialist can shorten the duration of the claim and reduce indemnity costs, benefiting both the payer and the patient as well. Through careful analysis of data and the use of predictive modeling, we have the ability to identify the right physician for your industry and work comp panel.

Superior Outcomes
An outside study* shows that physicians who produce Superior Outcomes can reduce medical costs by an average of 20%. Previous studies have shown that treatment by these physicians also shortens the duration of the claim and reduces indemnity costs, further demonstrating that quality physicians not only benefit payers but patients as well.


*Quality doctors matter: How physician scorecarding improves workers’ comp outcomes OCT 26, 2015 | by Greg Moore and Linda Lane