Robert Smith


I had been suffering, and that is indeed the word, from osteoarthritis in my knees for the past several years. During the past year, however, the condition in my left knee had deteriorated to the point where my daily activities were being adversely impacted by severe chronic pain and a loss of mobility. Golf, my favorite recreational activity, became a difficult endeavor even on the best of days, walking any distance at all was out of the question and even ascending or descending one flight of stairs required an inordinate amount of time, effort and pain. I finally came to the realization that my quality of life necessitated surgical intervention and once I arrived at that point, I began researching the orthopedic practices and surgeons in Savannah. In reading through the material available on the Optim Healthcare website, I noticed and was impressed by the fact that Optim Orthopedics was staffed by several surgeons who specialized in total knee replacements, a prerequisite for me going forward. Among those surgeons was Dr. Kent Woo. Prior to scheduling an appointment with Dr. Woo, however, I took the additional step of making further inquiries among some of my friends and neighbors here at The Landings and found that he came highly recommended by his former patients who had undergone the same procedure I would be facing. Armed with that knowledge, I made my appointment with Dr. Woo to review my condition with a view toward scheduling a TKR (total knee replacement).

My first meeting with Dr. Woo went even better than I could have anticipated. He is clearly in command of his specialty and I was immediately impressed by his knowledge of knee replacements, pre-op procedure, the actual surgery and post-op care, all of which was conveyed in a straightforward, easy to digest manner. All of my questions, which were several, were answered easily and completely. We were able to schedule my procedure and any apprehension I had about going ahead with the surgery was completely alleviated by Dr. Woo’s presentation.

Following my visit with Dr. Woo, I had a pre-op appointment which included a one hour class by one of their orthopedic nurses and which further included a booklet outlining everything I needed to do in preparation for my surgery, described in detail the nature and extent of the care they would provide during the two nights I would be in-patient and outlined what I could expect after my discharge from their facility. I went in for my procedure on March 5th and was discharged on March 8th.

Prior to my discharge, I was also seen by Dr. Woo on two occasions as part of his follow up and he explained my surgery in great detail, as well as his prognosis for a full and satisfactory recovery. Since my discharge, the follow-up care and office visits with Dr. Woo have really been outstanding and reinforced my belief that I made the right decision in choosing him and Optim for my surgery. My rehabilitation is proceeding ahead of schedule and I would without question or hesitation recommend Dr. Woo and Optim to anyone experiencing the same problems I experienced.