Rodney McLain


I’m a retired Georgia State Trooper. In March of 2001, I was involved in a high speed chase which ended in a foot pursuit. I fell during the apprehension of the suspect and shattered the tip of my (elbow), radial head. I was transported to the local hospital and the Emergency Orthopedic Physician on call wanted to perform surgery. I asked for a second opinion and was referred to Optim Healthcare. Dr. Dewberry was the first of the practice to see me, but he recommended Dr. William Kropp to treat my injury, (because of his specialty focus in Hand, Wrist & Elbow). Dr. Kropp said it was one of the worst elbow injuries he had seen in his career. Needless to say, I faced an uphill battle. The surgery was performed by Dr. Kropp in Savannah. I attended daily therapy sessions there as well. My prognosis was not good. Dr. Kropp informed me that I probably needed to look for a new career. However, being the person that I am, I pressed for twelve more years to continue to do the job I loved. I developed other ailments resulting from the limited use of my arm. Over the twelve years I have had hand, elbow and shoulder surgery. The hand and elbow surgery were performed by Dr. Kropp. The shoulder surgery was performed by Dr. John P. George. After numerous surgeries done both in Savannah and Reidsville, I finally decided that it was in my best interest to retire.

Dr. Kropp and his Medical Assistant, Teresa Klick, Dr. George, and the entire staff at Optim Healthcare have been awesome and are great testaments to their profession. From the pre-operation phase to the post-operation phase, the staff at Optim Healthcare took great care of me. I would highly recommend anyone who has orthopedic health issues to the physicians at Optim Healthcare. They not only offer help, they offer hope.