Steve Kimbrell

I moved to Tattnall county over 30 years ago to take a job at Tattnall Memorial Hospital, and later served on the Hospital Authority Board so I have always had close association with the hospital. Being a long-standing Tattnall county resident, I have been fortunate enough to see an upswing in our economy from a business perspective since Optim acquired the regional hospital back in 2008.

The Tattnall Hospital was closed down and had no employment. Since re-opening in mid 2008, Optim Medical Center-Tattnall has employed hundreds of people. It’s always amazing to see how full the parking lot is on the patient side because it shows the increase in volume of people that are coming into town. The economic impact has been outstanding, creating jobs and drawing in people from surrounding counties and as a result, there have been many businesses that have come into Tattnall county. People from all over Tattnall, Evans, Wayne, Liberty, Jeff Davis, Bryan counties (just to name a few) are coming here to have their surgeries done, because it makes it extremely convenient now that their travel time essentially is cut in half, not having to go all the way into Savannah to get excellent healthcare.

I am very grateful to have Optim Healthcare be a part of our community, because it’s been very beneficial to us from the economic impact and the high-level provision of healthcare.