Trya Wahl


Following on the heels of a severe auto accident I had long standing issues with my shoulder being acutely weak for nearly two years. As a hair stylist my shoulder health is of the utmost importance to my career. As an avid cyclist and women’s figure competitor I took both my road and gym time very seriously. Being being married to a serious long course triathlete was also physically challenging volunteering at races and dragging around equipment at all day races. I desired my unrestricted strength and stamina back for both me and him.

I worked very hard for over a two year period to relieve symptoms of what my PT thought was a weak rotator cuff, but still suffered from a lack of stamina that neither my PT nor I could explain. Nearing the fourth anniversary of my accident my PT recommended that I see an Orthopedist. He gave me a short list of names and told me who he would choose for himself considering the success of his patients that he had treated as a PT. I consulted my spinal surgeon and he gave me a resounding affirmation that George Sutherland, MD was who I should talk to. I have a great amount of respect for the skill of both my PT and the surgeon who fixed my neck after the accident. When they both said that Dr. Sutherland is who they would recommend for a shoulder repair that meant a lot to me. So the decision was very easy.

After meeting with Dr. Sutherland I then had to choose where I wanted to have my surgery done. After some research I chose to have my surgery at the Optim Surgery Center in Savannah because I knew that he would have every tool he may possibly need at his fingertips to fix my shoulder and get me back in the salon and out on the road on my bike. Now we just had to get us across the country and my husband through Ironman Coeur d’Alene!!

I will be honest in saying that I was very worried about having another surgery following the one on my neck and its consequent rehabilitation. However, once my husband and I got in the office and talked with Dr. Sutherland my fears of more surgery were assuaged. He took his time with us, reviewed my MRI and gave informative explanations of my injury, how he was going to fix it and what my recovery would entail. When we left the office that day with a surgery time set my fears and concerns were completely answered.

I had my surgery on July, 11, 2012. Dr. Sutherland came in and informed us prior to my surgery that morning that under closer review of my MRI the night before he had identified a secondary injury called a Bankart Lesion that he would address along with the SLAP II that was already on the schedule to repair.

The surgery center and their staff was wonderful. They did everything they could to keep me comfortable prior to the surgery. Afterwards they did everything they could to get me home expeditiously to rest and recover.

Thankfully, my husband was provided with everything that I would need for the next three days for pain control upon discharge before I was ever out of surgery. He was able to leave and get my prescriptions filled alleviating the need to stop anywhere on the way home.

I was so impressed that the staff had already scheduled my first few follow up appointments with Dr. Sutherland and they even scheduled the dressing removal and first mobilization of my shoulder with my PT’s office.

Thanks to his conservative approach to my shoulder repair, one year later I am at 100% range of motion. My strength is building and I am back to tearing up the mountain bike trails and training in the gym without any restrictions. Now my goal is being ready to walk on stage at a figure competition within a year. I can only describe the care I received in two words—Top Notch. I honestly couldn’t ask for better care and I would recommend Optim in a heartbeat.