Veronica Sebuck


Spanning well over six months, Dr. Sutherland’s involvement with my recovery never faded. It was because of his concern that I have been able to return to my normal day-to-day activities, regained incredible functionality in my arm, and have been able to heal without any surgery.

When I fell, I was alone and the last thing I wanted to do was go to the Hospital. A few years prior, I had seen George Sutherland, MD, for a foot problem, and through the process had gotten to know him very well. When I called my husband, despite the pain, I insisted on going to Dr. Sutherland’s office. Upon arrival, I was immediately taken straight back to his office, and with the help of his fantastic team, he snapped my dislocated shoulder right back into place.

Once the pain subsided, he carefully and calmly assessed my other injuries and explained, that I had a torn meniscus in my knee, a torn rotator cuff, and would need a full brace to start the recovery process. He proceeded to prescribe physical therapy, and for the time being, we would wait on surgery.

For the next six months, three times a week, I endured a rigid course of physical therapy. Dr. Sutherland went above and beyond to allay any fears or concerns I had, making sure that through it all I knew he was right there with me. When I told him about an upcoming two-week vacation I would be taking in Florida, he went ahead and arranged for me to continue physical therapy, explaining that any interruptions could impede the recovery process.

Dr. Sutherland and his staff were wonderful to work with and I would never hesitate to recommend him!